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Thread: Car Update Idea

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    Car Update Idea

    First of all, I'm sure someone has suggested something like the idea I'm about to share.
    I was thinking to myself about saving up for a good car in this game when I realized it
    doesn't really matter which car you have because all of them are essentially the same,
    the only difference in cars is their appearance.

    What if cars actually had different statistics? For example, a car that goes slower would
    be relatively cheap compared to a car that could go faster. This would make cars much
    more interesting in my opinion because cars that are worth more would be worth buying.

    Does anyone agree that there should be an update for cars in Era? If you like it the way
    it is right now please tell me why. Or tell me why it would be a bad idea to have cars that
    could, let's say, go different speeds or have better handling. Also, if you have any questions
    please feel free to ask.

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    I completely agree. Currently the only reason to buy expensive cars is for bragging rights, and lets be honest no one can brag about them. Other than a little bit quicker traveling, cars are only used for car missions. So by adding in car speed it'll make traveling slower/faster (compared to other cars) making it actually worth buying more expensive cars. Another reason would be in a way it would add in Car Mission reward scaling. Get better cars, earn money faster thereby creating a form of money scaling for car missions.

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    I don't understand why people would buy cars that cost 10k gralats. Just get the 3.5k gralats one

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    Well, you I can recommend an upgrade for a set-nav. If you're thinking of Audi, this will be extremely useful They have issues with the update

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