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Thread: GFX Contest!

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    GFX Contest!

    Dear all GFX Artists! It's time to prove your skill!

    Prize? It's dollars! REWARD RAISE TO $10 PER SECTION(It got 2 sections so its will be $20)
    *Note:If there's few competitors(less than 10)the reward will be raise down to 2 per each*
    (I suggested to join then invite your friends too so their will be more competitors)

    Join this discord server!(Contest start tomorrow!)

    (link removed)

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    I don?t think we allow you to advertise contests for actual money, so while I discuss with other moderators, I?m going to remove the link you gave and close the thread. If we decide to allow this kind of post, someone will come and reopen the thread.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Yeah, definitely not allowed to host contests for real money and post it here. Feel free to host for shovels or tro or in game items though, just no actual currency.

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