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Thread: Clear Rigging of Trivia event.

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    Clear Rigging of Trivia event.

    Greetings everyone, here to report a situation that the senior player relations Ben just rigged Trivia event while he knows the event rule. Winning score is 5. To begin with I win 5-4 to a random later on I said I won the event he continued asking, now it?s 6-4 to me and everyone told him I won. Then he says *o I forgot to decide score* as if Trivia was GTW. Everyone knows it?s 5 and that I won then he said let?s make it 7, then his friend came and won with rigged thanks to Ben and stole my win. I need my ec back asap and I hope you demote Ben because he doesn?t know how to host and how the game works and the rules. Thanks

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    Footage ready btw if you ask for proof.

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    There is no “set score” on the event to force him to do it to 5, I once hosted it to 3 cause I needed shorter time.
    Which is why there is no definite score for it, also I’m not denying that he should’ve said the score earlier but that doesn’t make your statement correct either.
    Anyways your score was 6 and he made it 7 giving you a chance to win right? It’s not his fault that you failed 3 questions consecutevly and the other guy won.
    As for the “friend” playing I would like to see the footage, either send it by discord Joeyaudi#0004 or pm a link here
    Though he’s basically one of my bosses so I can’t do much but I’m just curious to see what actually happened and see what you might’ve understood wrong or was right.
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    Ok ur correct but for the past 100 Trivia?s all admins automatically gave winner on 5, then I got it 5-4 against his friend, so everyone said I won and HT he was one of the competitors here he left he knew I win and I was getting ec. Ben ignored the crowd so I get my 6tg point and everyone spammed him Archer won, then he?s like *oh I forgot let?s do 7* till his friend got all answers correct with his help which is overall rigged. Not my fault I won this and I want my ec

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    Yeah sometimes admins do host for 3 in trivia but they should say at the beginning that the score will only be till 3..

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    Hey that’s better than summoning his friend in TTS lol coughshshsh

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    Era-go isn't a site to post this. Please submit a ticket to
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