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Thread: Incentive ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabipants View Post
    Yes it is.

    Are you really offended by something someone online has told you for the sole purpose of offending you? Welcome to the internet.

    There are swear filters in place, which are fine for limiting foul language, but limiting ideas and thoughts for other people is very "Thought police" for an MMO for crying out loud.

    Pretty wretched stuff said here, but clearly said for the sole purpose of trolling and trying to shock and offend. By having such strong reactions, you're feeding the trolls and giving them satisfaction. Instead, ignore them and block. It's that easy.

    It's not about it being accepted, it's about ignoring it. It's inevitably going to happen whether a system to limit them is in place or not.
    Thanks again for responding,
    I ignored them. I don?t care what their intent is; it pained me deeply because of the sensitivity that comes with that topic. And it may be inevitable but my point is it can be improved. It doesn?t hurt anything to try. I see what you?re saying with everything you say but at the same time, we can?t be ignorant to the flip side (both sides being realities). It?s all about trying to help the situation more than encouraging (or defending, rather) the horrid behavior others present. Get what I mean?

    I appreciate all your answers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LYK08 View Post
    Mind reading my first post?

    1. I think the management needs to improve on its accountability especially to those unexplained permabans

    2. The management needs to be more active on the forums. From what i could observe, snk was more active on the forums when he was manager and I think that's where ideas generated can actually be better communicated. If the manager only wants to depend on initiatives by staff who've seen the ideas, then this platform would be quite in effective in conveying ideas.

    I think its important we know the limitations around which we are working it not regardless of how grand our ideas are we will only be self-deceptively reassuring ourselves at the prospect of our ideas working out but never see it implemented.

    An idea would be to be more specific with the rules coz some players choose to disregard it due to its generic nature. They can argue that some status are not inappropriate without taking into account context in which it is applied to.

    A clear warning about the punishment that will be given when one person has been gagged. Like eg how the hours will accumulate etc (next length of jail time etc)

    An anti-spam system in place? If the same word word has been repeated over many times it will lead to auto gag. Prevents spamming and harassment?

    Am outside rn I'll give an elaboration If needed when back.

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    In regards to the permaban situation, even though I am a staff member, I have literally no idea what happened to cause those or what happened regarding them. That may be why no one you’ve been able to contact can give a clear explanation. Also, since your account wasn’t permabanned, it isn’t something we would discuss to keep peoples privacy. I do agree that management should be more active on here, and I have tried and will continue to try to push more activity on here.

    But yeah, when you said the word administration, I meant what can the entire staff team do to help with this situation? I know you would like more staff participation on here, but how do you propose that will help the in game community, seeing as only a small percentage of players visit these forums?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zany View Post

    That got my gears chugging (obviously, because here I am shoving an essay down everybody's throats again). You can't change everybody. He, obviously, is stuck with this, and I respect his opinion.

    As for the essay you'd better buy one and safe the effort. Such works are cheap nowadays and quality is over the top. Check it out

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    Quote Originally Posted by bilandima View Post
    As for the essay you'd better buy one and safe the effort. Such works are cheap nowadays and quality is over the top. Check it out
    Yo, this thread is 2 years old and you don't gotta be rude about it.
    Open spoiler to see Selena Gomez eating paper


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