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Thread: I'm New Hello People

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    Probably in your imagination only
    Quote Originally Posted by Jaedyn View Post
    Don't worry " Reality" itself Will kick you so hard you will see no more Imagination
    Boi it alrdy did

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    Hi new hello people,
    I am Kendrick. Welcome.

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    Hey, welcome to the forums
    iEra Communications Admin
    Ol'West Developer
    Era-Go Webmaster

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    Heyy and welcome to era goo

    You want breakfast? You gotta catch it!

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    Welcome to the forums !
    my discord is goose#0367

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    Hiii welcome

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadioVezo View Post
    Hello I'm new to the fourms I am thankful for the opportunity to Join Era-Go .

    I Play Era,Classic,Ol West Not much Classic but just trying out something new an if you have not to, You should do the same its always good to try something New am i right?, Yes I am right

    If you have any Questions you can contact me for what ever the reason idc just dont leave me hanging off being board, Hit me up we can play fortnite or Pud G (Fortnite sucks Tbh) but besides the point in-game as Well for communication also my brother as well Veza.

    So thank you for your time "if" your reading this your awesome an you deserve more

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    Welcome, An nice Bio as well
    Javi's Production

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    Quote Originally Posted by Javi Javilian View Post
    Welcome, An nice Bio as well
    I always thought you were an Noob, Who still reads bios

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaedyn View Post
    I always thought you were an Noob, Who still reads bios
    You obviously do lol
    Do you love the Union?
    Interviewed random Americans in Era about their viewpoint on the United States.
    I love America. 16
    I hate America. (traitors) 2
    To be honest, I really don't know. 1

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