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Thread: Status Code Guide

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    Status Code Guide

    Hey, so recently a few players have asked me how to submit their own unique status codes. People have been trying to upload them as shield codes, only to get denied since we don't allow shields that large. Instead, you have to have a gang and set it as the gang picture.

    Once you've set the image as a gang picture, you can stick that bad boy in your status using the code:

    <img src=profilelogo_gangname.jpeg>

    (with gangname being substituted for your gang name). Note that the gang name IS case-sensitive.

    If your gang name has a space in it, such as EBIZOU BASE, you can still do this by substituting the space for %032, such that the code becomes the following:

    <img src=profilelogo_EBIZOU%032BASE.jpeg>

    Once that's done, you can adjust the size of the image by adding on width=number and height=number at the end of the code. You can also adjust the placement of the image using vpsace (for vertical space) and hspace (for horizontal space).

    <img src=profilelogo_Obsidian.jpeg vspace=50 hspace=50 width=50 height=50>
    will place Obsidian's logo on your status 50 units down and 50 unit to the right of where the code would be if it were simple text.

    Setting transparency when uploading should also make it so there's no background when you put the picture up in your status, that way you don't have to have a full box for the status image.

    Some more helpful guides on status stuff:

    Note: That one font that starts with a c has been changed to era_corfont, so you can use <font face=era_corfont> if you like that font style.

    Sorry if this guide isn't very good, I kinda learned how to do it all today. If there's anything I'm missing or have wrong, or any way you guys and gals want me to make it more readable, just let me know and I can edit it.

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    Nice guide. I didn't know about the "%032" rule.
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    Nice, go go failure .. I mean Bboy

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    Nice I might make one soon

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