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Thread: Problem with a purchase on ol west

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    Problem with a purchase on ol west

    Where i can send the report about an purchase, i pay 10€ for the pack of 27.500 g on ol west but that didnt work.

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    1. This is the Era Go forums so why didnt you go on Graalians? (Either way no one specifically off the forums can help)

    2. Submit a ticket to describing what happened saying you didnt get the gralats you purchased on Ol' West and provide a link to the receipt of the purchase from Eurocenter or whatever the receipt is emailed from (Yeah check your emails for the receipt) and I could be wrong you might have to submit a picture not a link im sure a mod will come along and tell you.
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    Send a ticket at, as Kaz210 stated. Select Ol' West as your server, and proceed with the instructions.

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