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Thread: I got a $50 in iTunes, what should I spend it on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aligamer911 View Post
    if you have an xbox, i recommend you find someone to trade it in with for gold.
    ps4 > xbox
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jequavis View Post
    I got $50 in iTunes credit or cash, or whatever its called. Thinking about spending it on iEra, but I'm having doubts. What do you guys suggest?

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    Oh yeah and a side note, If I'm gonna spend, I'll spend $43 on the gralats packs, totaling me up to 118000 gralats. Enough for the Shipka.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iEvoGraalEra View Post
    ps4 > xbox
    As a console, the Xbox One pounds down the PlayStation 4 but other than that... Sony truly has won this generation.
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    Update - I'm planning on saving for an event or maybe a deal off the store for christmas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forte View Post
    buy ariana grande's "thank u, next" 38 times
    I approve of this message.

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