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Thread: Best weapon from halloween shop?

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    Best weapon from halloween shop?

    Hey, I wanted to know what weapons are the best out of the halloween shop. I want to know the melees not the guns, they’re way to much.
    Don't know how to use this!!!!

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    They’re priced best to worst

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    The phantom dagger looks very cool even when holding it, it makes you feel like a Ninja. Even more so then the Katana.

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    the rapid fire pistols for 12k (forgot the name) are very good

    the sniper is badass bc even it is similar to m107 with 6 clip instead of m107's 10 it has a high chance for knockback which is a nightmare especially for streakers. i only use the pistols when im too lazy to switch to another gun i have :P
    I like the daggers invisible feature thats why i bought it too

    in the end its a matter of taste and budget

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    Abyss Fang is my favorite based on appearance, but it's terrible

    It's not viable in combat due to poor speed and no effect, it's just 8 pure damage.

    I keep it for looks.

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