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Thread: Forced Gang Leadership Change

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    Forced Gang Leadership Change

    So I’ve recently come back to playing Era, and I noticed that the gang sK was under control of the ranks/leaders of NaturalBornKillaz, then the next day leadership was forcibly moved back to the previous sK leaders. And from what I’ve gathered, the change in leadership from sK to NaturalBornKillaz did not violate any rules when it came to changing leadership.

    So the question I’m asking is that why did an admin (I believe it was Jeff) intervene in said transfer when it specifically states that admins have no say in gang transfers? From the evidence I’ve seen so far, there was no illegal actions taken to transfer sK leadership over to a rank in NaturalBornKillaz, so there was no need for an admin to do anything, since they COULDN’T do anything due to a lack of any illegal actions.

    Just curious as to what the reasoning was behind this.

    And if you need valid proof of a legal transfer, send me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

    EDIT: Here's picture and video proof of the transfer.
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