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Thread: Graphics Competition! Staff with a Llama fan art!

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    Graphics Competition! Staff with a Llama fan art!

    Graalians from iEra have spotted a mysterious llama talking with some of your favorite admins!

    Choose some of your favorite admins and make a Fan Art of them with the *mysterious llama*!

    But who could this llama be?

    Here are the Rules to this competition!

    1. All submitted art in this competition, must be either; A Drawing, Pixel art, Line Art, or a Photo-Shop.

    2. All drawings have to be appropriate!

    3. No stealing, or using other people's work!

    Both Staff members and players can participate! (Although they will be judged separately).

    There will be a total of 6 winners! All of which will be selected according to the following categories: Funny, Amazing, Cute!

    Winners will be given a super special forum-exclusive melee, as well as 5 EC!

    Deadline is December, 7th! To submit just go ahead and comment on this thread with your fanart! (People Can submit up to 3 times but only one picture will be chosen)

    Good Luck!

    Here is a link provided by Xiang that helps posting your art in this thread:
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    Wow gl

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    Weire contest but ok. Show melee plz
    Feel free to ask any question!

    iZone Levels Admin

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaz210 View Post
    Weire contest but ok. Show melee plz
    The mysterious llama took it

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaz210 View Post
    Weire contest but ok. Show melee plz
    The item reward is a secret until the competition ends, but I have seen it and it is something pretty special!
    my discord is xiv#2549

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    Ooohhh I’m excited for this, good luck guys! ;D

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    Count me in~
    Btw how do you submit the art again?
    I am not active in forum sadly
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    Awwww yeahhh... I'm excited to see Fan Art and such, probably gonna submit art myself. Let's see

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    Are gif images allowed for this competition? I was planning on making my art one.

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    Rima where to submit the file??

    Rima where to send the file? On Gmail??

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