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Thread: A story about Santa...?

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    Cool A story about Santa...?

    Long time a land far far away,there exist a land where no one would like to talk about.
    A land covered by snow, a land where liquid would constantly freeze;a land where no living being would ever wanted to live at but few.

    There a few settlement and village reside by the area, but they are not the only one around.Santa his name is,or one would call him... Santa the Punisher,feared by the inhabitant of the area, his is a myth and legend spreaded wide and far. They say that when the end of december is near, Santa would arrive houses by houses,taking away children who are disrespectful and full of defiance behavior.

    The children that are brought away were never seen nor heard again,some says that the Children are forced to wrap gift for life as punishment, but some says that they are being taught the meaning of Grateful and Remorse. But only one clan that resides in the everlasting blizzard area knows what was going on with the children. These people are called the Snow Walker,they live in area where the weather is always harsh, they are people of pure strength and knowledge.

    By a fateful encounter, a wandering merchant met such a clan member, the clan member was searching around the area for edible roots. The merchant provided the Snow Walker with some provision and they began to tell tales of their own while eating their share. Then the clan man started telling the tales of Santa,he said:

    Clan Member: You must becareful around this area if you were to ever bring children,there is a danger lurking about.
    Merchant : I dont understand? Aren't the beast suppose to be hibernating?
    Clan Member: It is not a mere beast my friend! It's a human...or what you would call it a humanoid.
    Merchant : What's so dangerous about a fellow person? Is he a bandit or a kidnapper?
    Clan Member: A kidnapper is him, but he only ever take the children away.
    Merchant : That's bizarre and very strange indeed, so why does he only takes children away?
    Clan Member: He...he eat them, he would consume the whole children with nothing left of it, not even a bone.
    Merchant : ...... are you sure?
    Clan Member: Yes! There was once when my clan elder and a few huntsman were hunting for food, but then they saw a huge figure, a man of sort wearing coat
    and cap that are crimson red.He was dragging a child around the ground, my elder and his man were curious so they followed him. They followed
    him for awhile but lost sight of him due to the harsh weather condition, just as my elder was about to gave up, he heard a scream from the north
    so he and his man rushed toward the direction.
    Merchant : What did they found?
    Clan Member : Blood, lots of blood soaked into the snow, there were no sight of bone or left over meat chunk, there were just blood everywhere.
    Merchant : This is starting to creep me out my friend.
    Clan Member : But it's true.

    As the merchant and the snow walker are ending their conversation, a loud scream was heard far behind them, it sounded like a scream of a child in pain.The merchant and the snow walker rushed toward where the scream was last heard, as they arrived ; it was same as the tales was told, snow that are soaked by bloods, with no remain of any corpse. The merchant was stunned by the bloody sight, it was this moment the clan member pulled the merchant coat and pointed at the direction far ahead of them, what they saw what a huge humanoid figure, wearing what appear to be a brown coat instead,but tainted by the countless number of children bloods stain, running off in the distance and was not seen again.

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    What did I just read?

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    Writer's corner has been revived! Good story. Will you continue it or was this a short story?

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    Glad you love it, i will write more often.

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    And we'll read it and let you know what we think

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    Quote Originally Posted by DerpyLune View Post
    Glad you love it, i will write more often.
    The story's weird but I agree, continue on.

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