So the other day i made a thread showing how much fish i caught per hour (showing how many gralats i made too with average chances of each fish etc)
Link to thread HERE
Link to spreadsheet data HERE

After looking through the data i realised how little I'm making compared to other jobs.
The total gralats i made in the data do not take into consideration on how much rods cost.

Lets say I'm making the average amount of gralats per hour shown on my collected data (2188g), i go through 2/3 rods per hour, that's 500/750g:
That is 1688/1438g profit per hour at level 70 fishing using the most efficient way to fish.

Fishing could be considered the worst job on Era. Despite the fact it's actually quite easy (even though it requires some sort of reaction timing and logic)
(Damn i feel sorry for all the low levels thinking they're gaining $$$ if i'm gaining this little at the highest level)

I'm proposing a buff to fishing, i feel like it desperately needs to happen, here are some possible ideas:

  • Directly buff the chances of hooking rare fish.
  • Directly nerf the chances of hooking trash.
  • Introduce new rare fish, possibly make them "unlocked" at a certain level.
  • Reduce the time it takes for a fish to "hook" onto your bobber per level.
  • Reduce the time it takes for the fish to appear and circle your bobber when you cast your rod per level.
  • Add a x2 fish chance. There's a small chance that you catch 2 fish!, this chance could increase the higher level you are.