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Thread: Candycane Bar - Make it tradeable?

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    Lightbulb Candycane Bar - Make it tradeable?

    I used to play Era from 2011-2014, and now im officially back.

    As i can see, some of my 2011 items and 2012 isnt tradeable. Is it always going to be like that or nah?
    I know it will ruin alot of OG's experience, but i got 3 of them, and they aint tradeable which is sad.


    What's ur idea on this? Should they add it or nah.

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    Your picture doesn't load. As far as making the candy cane bar tradable, I feel like that would make it lose its value since it is meant to be an old item that you earned through killing mobs. So as far as making it tradable, I don't think it should be added.

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    Hi, don't make duplicate threads please. I'm closing this one and I'll move your other one to the correct section

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