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Thread: Hmm pk/base misc.

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    Which item haven't been abused since release?
    It's better to spend year perfecting yourself than spending weeks trying to be someone else.

    IGN: Derpy Lune
    I like writing story on the spot when i am bored.
    Era-Go give me the chances to do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DerpyLune View Post
    Which item haven't been abused since release?
    More reasons not to implement the Flash Bang Grenade.
    Should you crown a course as "hard", it does not necessarily mean that what you're taking is advanced. However, it does mean that whoever is teaching the subject to you has failed miserably at their job and has requested you to provide information that you haven't been taught, or has asked to you memorize great amounts of information in a short amount of time. Therefore, you should not crown the course as "hard", but crown it as "stupid".

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