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Thread: REposting cuz trade Scamming is Illegal

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    REposting cuz trade Scamming is Illegal

    HI! Today I got scammed for Cat Melee(60ktro). I this guy that Sacmmed me. his nmae is Winston.
    Firstly he said me that he want to trade his blaze Katana for my Cat melee and he wanted me to go tachi.
    2. i added my Cat melee and hi added Turkey leg and removed if
    3. After this he added 300 burgers and blaze katana
    4. he and me Accepted a trade and trade is end succesfully
    5. After this i check my inventory And I didnt have my cat didnt have Blaze katana and i have only turkey leg(he removed it how i got)
    ADMINS PLS I NEED HELP U SHOULD JAIL THIS KID !!!I heard he sacmmed A lot of people about 400k trochus!!!! be careful never trade with Winston!!!!!! Admins i need my Cat back Pls Do anything that u can. I have a screenshots where he said that he scammed me. In my last screenshot u can see how he Grabbed My cat melee
    Go to the site. i cant add screenshots more than 150kbs.

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    Not sure why you keep reposting this same thread after you’ve already been given a response and were told multiple times not to ‘_’

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    Dont revive a closed thread (Twice) meow meow meow
    Scamming is legal meow meow meow
    Admin is not responsible for any item lost from player, even if it's caused by game system(bug/glitch) the higher up are the one that deal with it meow meow meow
    Since i cant do anything for your cat melee all i can comfort you is giving you the annoying meow sound from the melee meow meow meow
    Have a very meow day nya~

    Oh yeah here nya :
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    Trade scamming is not illegal sorry. Do not repost closed threads.
    Need help?
    Message me on the forums or in the game.

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