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Thread: Domination (New Team Event)

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    Event Coin Domination (New Team Event)

    Very simple:
    Map should be the size or larger than the ctf map
    3 bases in specific spots in the map
    Whichever team gets the most points wins the event
    How the bases work is just like how the gang bases are, but the number can be change if it’s unbalance
    This is all I got atm, I think there something missing that I forgot, so if you want to add into this, please do

    Ps: We need a new team event anyways

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    Lol I remember 99% of COD Multiplayers has this mode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmY1809 View Post
    Lol I remember 99% of COD Multiplayers has this mode.
    What mode are you talking about? CTF?

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