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Thread: What is going on??¿

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    What is going on??¿

    Okay, so I was working for tro in the playground in front of the hospital at the North West corner of the map. Someone spawned alot of snowmen and the miniature ones attacked us and killed us. We respawned and couldn't move, and yet the other players next to us were moving perfectly fine. I logged out and tried to log back in and it said that my account was already in use?
    I tried restarting it, but it still said the same thing.

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    Your wifi problem.
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    It was probably due to the server down earlier and due to the snowmen killing you, you could not move when the server went down because you were stuck reviving.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DerpyLune View Post
    Your wifi problem.
    A touch of kindness wouldn't hurt.
    And yes it was the server. Even caused my computer to force close Facebook Gameroom.

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