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Thread: January 2019 Update List

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    The CNY is pretty much made based on a stereotype person towards what the event is actually about lol.

    What has the falchion got to do with celebrating CNY? Not to mention it's not the right name neither was it properly designed.
    What's worst is the 'Chinese broom' that doesn't really portray what the Chinese actually does before the occasion began.

    Well, it's not like my opinion matters anyway but I'm just disappointed in the lack of knowledge of cultures in the staff team. The past years CNY was decent to the public so what happened this time?
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    My nonchalant attitude is vivid.
    You can call me a critic because I couldn't care less.
    Era-Go still has my respect, excluding the game alone.

    I don't intend to work for a game filled with petulant staff abusing their authorities.

    The community sure is sendentary.

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    Month over, thread unstickied and closed.

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