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Thread: January 2019 Update List

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayden-Jair View Post
    I'd like to know about an announcement iMask made about 2 weeks ago. He did something with the PM system that supposedly made it better? Can someone tell me what this is? Feel like it is a hidden update.
    I have no idea, but I think it was an optimization thing. (Like it does the same thing in a more efficient way)

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    Quote Originally Posted by failure View Post
    Bribing people to rate your house 5 stars or other people's houses 1 star is now illegal. No offering shells or gifts or other in game items for house ratings. Asking for house ratings is fine, but do not try and trade for ratings or anything like that. If you see people doing this, report them please.
    You should add the reason in the report function which will make it easier and let more people know about the rule.

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    A new profile animation was added to the top floor of the gani shop (the one with the fan).
    Feel free to message me if you seek assistance!

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    There is now somewhere between 2-4 seconds of gas invulnerability now on respawn, generally close to 3 seconds.

    EDIT: This has now been reverted to how it was before

    Edit 2: Added a New Veteran Speedy Pizza level in the Speezy Pizza next to box factory.
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