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Thread: Is M4 good for pking

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    Is M4 good for pking

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a good place gun under 60k,I wasted my money buying so much spar guns that I thought were good for pking like mk23,M16,FAMAS and I wanna save for a gun I know is going to be worth it, so can I pk with M4? If you have any better pk guns for under 60k please let me know

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    Are you looking to be a skilled pker or one that pk’s for the numbers? If you want to pick up some skill while pking, m4 will do a decent job although I highly suggest saving up for something at 75k-80k (Forgot accurate price) like the PDW in aimpoint. That is an all around gun that can be used in any aspect of graal for a low price. Now, if you want the numbers and mindlessly kill people to get those player kills up, AA-12 for 60k will do it but it’s only purpose is to spam and get decent amounts of kills.

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    Well it’s really good when pking inside a base, so pking a base when there’s Fort will get you a good amount of kills.

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    If FAMAS is almost like M4 stat wise,why is it so hard to pk with

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    With the new gun buff, it’s pretty good

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