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Thread: Your goals

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    I want to see the world by the time im 40 years old !
    how can you know your age at any time ? well its made simple for you by the exact age calculator ! know your age at any time !

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    Goals irl: to construct a better wifi source \main goal irl: to become an nba player \graal era goals: -to get ion sniper -auction item -keycard or exotic weapon -become pro

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    Goal; create a set of goals
    'Do or do not; there is no try'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casey View Post
    real life

    - poker download android new design
    -finish uni
    -get better at photography/videography


    -find and join an up and coming basing gang
    -get rehired
    Great to know that I was creating new Shopify site and that came up recently. Does eny freelancer play in dark mode web side spheres? I pay you a lot for a design
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