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    Era's Playground

    Just making this article to give a suggestion. Not to be rude or anything to the newspaper team but I've observed they can't keep up with the era's playground which was renamed from pj's playground when ponyo and journey handed it over to zara and fallen ig a month or maybe two months ago. I'm not saying that Zara and fallen are not capable of controlling it but there hasn't been any contest for like 4 weeks. I think they should stop this thing and start another weekly thing. Although I'm happy they bring back mystery staff article after a long time and they should also bring back the thing where players submitted real or made-up stories and the best were selected.

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    Hello Zion, thanks for your idea!
    Firstly Zany is no longer with us unfortunately. She was a great worker and hoping she will be back soon.
    We are working hard on trying to add ideas, and make sure the players get what they want... however due to reasons personal to the newspaper it’s hard.
    We will, however make sure they are added back ASAP.
    Thank you!

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