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Thread: February 2019 Update List

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    List of emotes, everything on one row create the same emotes in pms:
    : ) ( : :smile:
    : ( ) : :frown:
    : o :surprised:
    : D :smiley:
    x d :laugh: :laughter: : xd :
    :thinking: :think:
    : 3 :nya: :nyan:
    : p
    ; ( :cry: :sad:
    : peach :
    < 3 &lt;3 :heart: :love:
    :angry: :angery:
    ; ) :wink:
    :sick: :bleh:
    : poop : : poo :
    :tired: :tired_face:
    : hearteyes : :hearteye:
    Okay that's some awful formatting and it won't let me increase spaces between row elements, but remove the spaces when necessary, I have those to prevent it from picking up emotes on the forums. (Nothing is just one character - ";" will not give you an emote, neither will ")". When I have spaces after and before colons, remove both spaces, the forums use the same emotes in the same style)

    Disclaimer: This is the list I received from a Dev, not sure what additional ones there are besides the ones in kaz's post above (ie. :junz: and :imask: )

    Edit: :junz: and :imask: do not work
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    The antimatter cupid bow as well as 2 vday hats have been added to Plasma Corp
    Feel free to message me if you seek assistance!

    Zone Levels Team
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    My apologies for not staying up to date with this, I've been away for the weekend and busy with stuff.

    I'm a couple days late with this, but the Valentines day event has begun. Collect hearts from cupids around the map and spend them at the holiday shop for some neat hats and items

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