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Thread: Weird Forums Profile Issue

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    Weird Forums Profile Issue

    Ok so when editing my signature it says "alignment bb code=allowed" yet when I try to [center] my text it doesnt work? Idk if it's supposed to be this way but if it is then why does it say allowed but doesnt work?

    Also I had to keep trimming the screenshot cuz your website only allows files small than 144kb if your wondering why it's so small
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    Is it because your signature is too big? Try it with less words and see if it works.

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    i believe you have to end it with [/center] try that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minho View Post
    i believe you have to end it with [/center] try that
    It has to end with [/CENTER] or else the code won't work. Send me a message if the code still doesn't want to work.
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