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Thread: Miners Shop Remodel

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    Miners Shop Remodel

    Hey there,

    Today I would like to discuss the idea of possibly renovating/remodelling the miners shop at Wiluna Mines. We all know the saying "Don't fix what isn't broken" and that's true more often than not since doing so usually makes things worse but perhaps we can make an exception this one time?

    The reason why I'd like to suggest a visual update on the place is because there's currently nothing special about it. Sure players use this building a lot but for what purpose? To come in, sell their minerals and get out. That's it. No one even takes a second to look around the place since there's nothing to even look at. Sure there are bigger things to worry about but it just seems a bit unfair for the miners shop considering it's quite an important location. Since it seems like no one but me has ever asked for this, I decided to edit the level a bit to give you an idea of what it can potentially be turned into. Before we get into the actual level, I want to apologise in advance for the bland textures that were used. The editor doesn't work for me (possibly due to Windows 10) and so I had to manually draw everything myself hence the reason why the textures look very basic. Right so anyway, here it is:


    So allow me to explain a few things here starting with the elephant in the room which is the base layout. For the most part it remains the same to keep the proportions somewhat accurate. The obvious difference is the extension off to the left which I've labelled as the museum. In case you couldn't tell, those are display cases which feature all of the current minerals. Each display case can be interacted with individually to receive some sort of pop-up message relative to the mineral inside. The message could be, for example, a "fun fact" about the mineral inside. This isn't anything special but I reckon it makes the place look a bit more lively and interesting. Moving along, we've got the updated counter. I decided to remove two of the interactable counter objects (not sure what they're called) because it feels like having four of them is unnecessary especially when half of them serve the same purpose whilst also being right next to each other. Furthermore, the two NPCs behind the counter say what they say to help direct players towards the correct counter. At the left counter players can sell their iron, lead, silver, copper, quartz and gypsum. At the right counter players can sell their gold, diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Next we've got the drill and battery (the battery was intentionally placed next to the entrance to make purchasing it more convenient.) I wanted to relocate these from the outside to, once again, make the place look more lively and interesting on the inside. The NPC in the middle can be interacted with to receive a pop-up message explaining the functions of the drill and the battery similar to that of the "Jenn (Mixie)" NPC in the Wiluna Mines. Moreover, we have the small table in the corner which is there solely for aesthetic purposes. Finally, I wanted to mention that in case we ever get any additions to the miners shop such as drill skins or hats (I've talked about this in another thread if you want to go check it out: (shameless plug lol)) then we can add a staircase in the corner leading to an area underground allowing us to have more space whilst at the same time maintaining the correct shape of the building.

    I have much more to add but I reckon I've bored you enough. If you've made it all the way to the end and managed to read the whole post, props to you. If you could take these ideas into account and leave any feedback, that'd be great. Seriously any feedback would be appreciated. Agree with what I've written down here? Awesome. Want to tell me that I came up with very stupid ideas and that I should go die in a hole? Let me know. Alright that's it, have a great day.

    P.S. This post is probably meant to be put in this thread however, I figured that it's too long for it and so I made it as a separate thread instead, hope that that's okay.

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    I believe that level is way too big for a level that doesn't need that much going on, although I assume after fixing a few errors in the level I'm sure that the level will look good and then I assume all the extra room wouldn't matter.
    Feel free to ask questions.

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