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Thread: Remove Chemical Guns

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealSven View Post
    i like that a lot. people won’t be happy, but it’ll still make chem useful but not spammed 24/7. great idea mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eike_XIII View Post
    That is a good idea

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    Ty lads
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    Remove the chemical gun (Return the Ec to those who have this weapon)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Francis_Gonzales View Post
    Remove the chemical gun (Return the Ec to those who have this weapon)
    No. Thats not what im asking for. Everyone who currently has it can keep it. But it should be removed from the shop so that none can be bought anymore. The item could be brought back in...say... 5 or so more years.

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    This is actually a great idea, chem was like mini or bar when first released, but now the game is polluted with chem users

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