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Thread: I made a Lofi remix of the Great Fairy's Fountain from Zelda

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    I made a Lofi remix of the Great Fairy's Fountain from Zelda

    One of my hobbies is making music, I don't think I have ever shared any of my work with you guys.
    Background art credits go to junebird24.
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    Sweet,but not my type.
    Too soft for me but that's just my opinion.
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    Why are you dabbing?
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    It so cuteeee

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    Very lovely, but also not my type, it's because I heard a lot of remixes with similar beat additions which makes me annoyed
    I'm not a musician or anything but I think it can be improved in my opinion if you remove the beats and replace them with something else, maybe a piano doing the same thing or violin, I don't know, but you should experiment other instruments.
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    I love it alot, we should have more lo-fi music in game tbh
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