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Thread: New Bug

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    New Bug

    There's a new trade bug that include overpaying and wagon toy.

    Do not trade if someone offer you more than the value of your item while also offering you a wagon!

    What i heard is you will get the wagon but not the tros they offered, be aware, i do not how this trick works so just stay out of it , dont even attempt to challenges the bug abuser.

    Have a nice day.
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    people work hard trying to scamm lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by iiRawr View Post
    people work hard trying to scamm lol
    It's rather nice knowing people like to rip others off.

    Sarcasm in case you didn't realize.
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    When it comes to scamming, they activate their smartness and do whatever it takes to earn more than they should.
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