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Thread: !!! Motorcycles in GraalOnline Era !!! :D :D

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    Cool !!! Motorcycles in GraalOnline Era !!! :D :D

    Place new vehicles: motorcycles in the game as the image shows.

    To create them, I suggest using the same way they created the Halloween flying broom or the horse of GraalOnline classic.
    In the image there is a "Harley Davidson" and another motorcycle.

    This will help create motorcycle gangs

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    This idea has been rejected so many times due to scripting complications and finally salv was going to implement motorcycles in like 2017 and then he resigned so it was scraped.
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    send meeee
    idek why i find this funny LMAO
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    Hey it's a dope concept and it's been sought after for awhile now. uwu
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    just combine the movement script from skateboards with car impact collision. this seems like a dope idea

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    I've seen many players suggesting motorcycle ideas but always rejected due to scripting complication, hope there will be another scripter who's willing to script it.

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