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Thread: Event Coin Idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zysoss View Post
    As stated that was an example.
    If the reward is big, then players would start to boost. But I think a reward below 10k would be considered as a good reward imo

    I'm sorry but it's an example without thinking....

    It depends
    , if getting that reward takes you 3 hours, it's perfect.
    But, if it takes more than 5 hours the reward is wrong .....

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    this is same as growtopia which I don't really like about stealing other games idea, if this happen as what Mean had said there will be so many players with flame, chemical and etc, that will make the Events House useless as they will not rely on them anymore.

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    If you do not play events, you do not know how many new players that always ask for a team-based event that gives them a piece of ec. Imagine those 30-50, if this thing gets implemented, at least 20 of em start grinding for their goals. In about half a year to a year you will definitely see an increase in ion weapons, sabres, chem guns etc. And I don't think it helps.

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    Acquiring this idea from Growtopia shows how flawed of an idea this is. Growtopia's economy is in shambles and has been ever since the challenge system was introduced, as it allowed players who couldn't work for Growtokens by earning them legitimately (I think you had to make worlds and then have them be popular) to simply do things such as hack or cheat in order to obtain what they wanted to sell for the in game currency.

    Replicating an idea from a game of whom's economy is equivalent to The Great Depression is not that good of an idea.

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