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    Fable IV

    Did you guys all hear the rumours about Fable IV? I'm kinda angry about Fable: Anniversary's lack of a decent ending, but the series still hold a special place in my heart, as I've also played Fable II and Fable III, and nearly got the chance to play Fable: The Journey back in the day.

    Anyway, apparently Fable IV's coming soon, and I'd love to see the dismantle of the Guild of Heroes by angry villagers, Theresa's perspective of the burning of Oakvale (we got to see Chicken Chaser's, but that's it), how Reaver doomed Oakvale, what happened to Rose's and Sparrow's parents, the history of King Logan, the Princess's view of it, and what the bloody hell ever happened to the Guildmaster when the Guild was overthrown? (We know, he was mobbed to death, but still).

    I seriously doubt that Fable IV will cover all of this, as the events I mention took over the timespan of 550 years, but watching the destruction of the Guild of Heroes, would be different, as Sparrow always spent his time working for Theresa, and so did the Princess. (Hell, doesn't she even have the Guild's symbol on her clothing?)

    So, what do you take of this? And would you like to see it?
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    It might be possible for the Fable series to come back with more of a unique plot and a fix-up from the mess-ups that have happened but in reality, It's like the Risen series, Fable/Risen 3 screwed a lot of things up and it has been a while since a Fable sequel has been released, and Fable 4 is supposedly focused more on the story now but still no leaks or anything in E3 or any news on release date, I question the game happening more than the story,

    If they took more then 10 years, then might as well bring a good game.

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