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Thread: Bot Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by JennisBat View Post
    You have to be trolling you’ve never heard of Mario KART LOL
    Mario Kart? You mean that one with Sonic and Ash Ketchum?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JennisBat View Post
    You very clearly say NEVER PLAYED OR HEARD OF IT don’t try and backtrack now that you’re pinned against a wall.
    Never heard of it was referring to the idea of check points.

    I don't see why you're talking to Marg like that when you do the same, the point of the forums isn't starting arguments, it isn't derailing threads, it's none of that. Yet here you are, picking fights in a thread that has nothing to do with that. Stop being obnoxious and keep the thread on it's main topic of the hackers inside of bot events and ideas that the thread creator wants implemented to remove/reduce the players who are doing it.
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    Stay on topic.
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    It shouldn't be too hard to create an NPC that kicks a player if their ping or speed is too high. Hell, Era PC had ping limits for events, why can't iEra? It's a far more popular server after all.

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