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Thread: Gang Coin System

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    This is going to encourage gangs to raid bases more often but I believe that the gang coin update should have changes. Sure, the first couple days you added this update gangs we're raiding bases fairly often. But people just join the "big gang" that normally holds the base so they can easily get their 450 coin cap everyday instead of raiding. I think more people would raid bases if you got 2 coins per kill while attacking, make the coins you get for kills 350. The coins you get for TAKING the flag should be 50. And the last 50 should be for holding. The gangs that raid bases don't hold the base for long so its hard for them to get an entire hour to get 130 coins. If you lower it to holding for around 25 minutes then I believe more people would be encouraged to raid bases which will have more people joining raid gangs which will give smaller gangs more power and it would simply be an upgrade to basing.

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    Would also be cool if there was a skin room in the gang coins shop that has a skin for a random gun. Basically every item batch you'd just release a random skin, to a random gun, for whatever the amount of gang points. Since exclusive skins are pretty nice imo.
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    Great idea - should have been incorporated sooner. I fully agree with Vacci’s points.

    Also - why aren’t gang points rewarded for Gang Spars / Base Battle?

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    What if we add a GC per kill booster if you are on a streak? An example is if you are on a 10 kill streak you get x+1 GC per kill

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    Maybe GC events? Like a double coin timer during fort raids or extended GC cap during specific times

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