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Thread: The purpose of gun repairs

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    Again, I beg to differ. Many people, myself included have a problem with how tedious the mining job is in its current form.

    Gun repairs would benefit greatly from streamlining the process so that regardless of job choice, players can repair their weapon with the money they've received.

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    Thought I might add a poll here to see how people want this addressed

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    Voted to do away with gun repairs.
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    Buying VIP once every month is not that much of a hassle. 2 or 3 PK arenas a month (which takes at most 3 hours of a 720 hour month) and you are good to go. More than just gun repairs we receive a ton of perks which totally fly above our heads because thats just how accustomed to them we are. Yes, you could save 90k gralats a year if the system didn’t exist, but 90k gralats its not even that much for the duration of a whole year. The perk serves an appeasement for both those who say that some guns are overpowered and those who say that some guns are underpowered. Removing the system as a whole and just having guns be in perfect condition all the time would bring about some nerfing, specially on the faster guns and the shotguns. Another possible scenario is that instead of being left on perfect shape they are returned to their retail stats (e.g. bar does 11.5 damage instead of 12.5) and i know a couple of people that wouldn’t be happy with that —im looking at you Bar owners—

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