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Thread: !!! More than 40 new achievements for GraalOnline era :D !!!

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    Gangster Hat !!! More than 40 new achievements for GraalOnline era :D !!!

    1. "Fashion designer"

    get 20 new bodys upload

    2. "Old school biker"

    buy 6 motorcycles

    3. "taxi by application"

    work with your car 100 times

    4. "the great drift"

    Work with your car 500 times

    5. "Fast & furious"

    work with your car 1000 times

    6. "locksmith"

    breaks 5000 doors

    7. "My name is Jeff"

    look for Jeff in the hotel and say hello

    8. "Saving Easter"

    defeat the rabbits in the nuclear plant

    9. "football is played with fingers"

    play 20 times in football spar with your gang

    10. "In search of good luck"

    Earn money betting on machines 50 times

    11. "the big loser"

    lose 500 events

    12. "Ultra instinct"

    Kill 10 different people without suffering harm or healing.

    13. "Finding Nemo"

    Fishing 50 clown fish

    14. "I live in front of the sea"

    Reach the maximum fishing level

    15. "Crab Hunter"

    Kill 500 crabs

    16. "Crab collector"

    Kill 10,000 crabs

    17. "Professional fishing rod"

    Fishing 50 noob fish

    18. "I want to be an administrator"

    Ask for 50 admin dolls

    19. "Pyromaniac"

    Kill 10 people with fire (fire may be exploding)

    20. "never alone"

    Invite 50 friends to Graal

    21. "Friendly"

    Invite 100 friends to meet

    22. "I am popular"

    Invite 1000 friends to meet

    23. "Advertising"

    Invite 10,000 friends to meet

    24. "I am an influence"

    invite 50,000 friends to meet

    25. "medieval archer"

    Kill 20 people with the classic arc.

    26. "that's gangsters"

    Kill 50 people with a police alliance

    27. "I am the law"

    Kill 50 people with gangster aliaza

    28. "Ying yang"

    Kill 50 neutral people

    29. "Heavy armament"

    Buy the minigun and the bar

    30. "the master of spar and pk"

    Buy the mp5a5

    31. "Help caught me!"

    Die 50 times safely without stopping by the same person

    32. "I am an athlete"

    Win 100 event races

    33. "The world is yours Tony Montana"

    Buy the m16a3 (weapon that Tony Montana used at the end)

    34. "The authentic Rambo"

    Buy the M60 (weapon used by Rambo)

    35. "Veterinary"

    Buy 20 pets (the pet can be repeated)

    36. "Interior designer"

    Buy 1500 furniture for your home

    37. "Trochu is the currency of the trading tables"

    get 1500 trochus

    38. "Terrorist"

    Buy RPG 7

    39. "Stylist"

    Buy 20 new heads upload

    40. "Married with children"

    Marry 10 times

    41. "a bad husband"

    20 times divorce

    42. "I love the plasma corp"

    Buy 20 plasma weapons

    43. "I went shopping"

    Buy all the bodys of the mall

    44. "obese"

    Buy 100 amburguesas

    45. "I have fun at the club"

    Attend 20 parties at Zroom at the Astro Club

    46. "card thief"

    delete 500 mailbox

    47. "an army of noobs"

    kill 200 angry noobs
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    31 hahahaha
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    They will never be added.

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    35 should be Animal Lover.

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    Omg I love these!

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    Yes new achievements pls so I can get more ecs lol
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    What's amburguesas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NCX View Post
    What's amburguesas?
    He made a typo. "Hamburguesa" is hamburger in Spanish.

    Thanks DuoLingo.
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