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Thread: This work will revolutionize the PK!!!!!!!! - NEW JOB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casey View Post
    I really like the idea of putting bounties on people with streaks. I think it would work really well if the person with the streak were to be rewarded for killing those with the mission as well.

    You've got some great ideas OP, keep them coming
    Quote Originally Posted by Tempus View Post
    Interesting, would actually like to see this implemented into the game. Would give some people other things to do in-game like end some brat's streak kidding not kidding ... and also get more challenging to go on big streaks. It would also make it easier to get those achievements if they're still there lol. However there's a few things to think about, for example what if said person is also on the blue side, would it be ignored for the sake of the bounty? Have you thought up of a mission for the red side? If so, same question would apply.Not trying to be a hater if it looks that way... I do like this concept . Just giving something to think about just in case someone actually gonna work on it. Soon as I read this I was like "yes" and then this came to my head, there's more but oh well .
    Well, players who have the same colors will not attack each other, but the reds could have another NPC giving missions to kill the blues
    something like a gangster gives you the mission of killing a cop

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    Could be interesting
    Ask me anything and ill try my best to answer

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    I always thought the game needed some sort of Cop Role that players can opt into to interfere with or possibly arrest Gang players/pkers, I've always wondered why such a thing hasn't been implemented yet. I think it's a cool suggestion
    Feel free to pm me with any questions or concerns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Francis_Gonzales View Post
    Hello everyone, do you remember this?:

    Well, I have a suggestion about this (gangsters-cop).

    I suggest putting an NPC at the police station that by touching it with a police mission:

    When you touch it, the policeman will ask you to kill a player who is on a murder streak. The location of several players who are in a murder streak will appear on the map and you can see if they move
    (as if they were your friends and you can see them on the map without problems).

    You will have to go kill them. You can choose among all the players that appear on the map to kill them. The police officer will recommend that you drive a police car and have a police hat. But if you want you can do it with your common clothes.
    When you find the player, you must kill him, if you do you will earn 100 money, other players with this mission will try to kill him before you to earn money, for this reason you must be the first.

    If you are the player in a murder streak, many of these players with this mission will go for you, this will increase the more you kill the players. The NPC detects the players with the most murder streak.

    For the NPC to give you a mission that you must be from the Cop alliance (Police)

    Here is a work diagram :

    Thanks to this, there will be police persecutions.
    Can I add my two cents to this?

    -There should be a time limit, so that the selected player isn't harassed too much. Say, 5 minutes?
    -Player must be "Gangster" aligned
    -If the targeted player, or anyone in TP's gang (or allied), kills the police player the bounty is called off
    -TP ISN'T alerted of the bounty, nor is he alerted on ANYTHING of the bounty
    -there should be bounties for gangsters
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