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Thread: Arms Petition

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    Arms Petition

    There's about a handful of weapons that are currently banned in certain places and events, rendering them useless.

    Could this rule be revoked? I don't like how the system dictates which guns I can and cannot use, when we're supposed to engage in a free-for-all battle.
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    I don't think this rule would ever be revoked.
    Those weapons are disabled for a reason,
    either they might be too OP in certain events which would lead to whoever that holds that specific weapon would have a higher win probability over the another, basically unfairness, or;
    the admins want you to play the game their way

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    i agree with victor. in basing wars, the winner is literally who has more chems and when obsidian had about 15 chems, that's exactly how they got banned in the first place. way too overpowered, 10 gas guns are bad enough, but not nearly as bad as some.

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