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Thread: Offical Upload Rules - 2019

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    Where upload costs always that expensive? I thought it was cheaper
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    expectation.gif <<<This shield.
    Hello i really need HELP with my shield i made for my friends in our Gang, but it keep getting Disapproved, (2nd time actually)
    It says the frame is in wrong position but i see no wrong in frames as im the one who made it. But if there was actually please tell me, im new at making stuffs like heads and shields actually, but if you can jelp me fix these and get approved i will pay the last i had 120 peals ?
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    Hey mikel and other relevant admins, can we get a sticky'd thread with all the upload errors with a description and a short tutorial to fix each one?

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    I don't really see the point in banning every non human upload, there aren't any limitations in Classic maybe thus so many talented and creative gfxer quit Era and start playing Classic?
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    Can someone please explain to me why you need all the human facials for customs when there are heads in the base game which are missing facials or have non whatsoever. Why is there this incosistentcy between upload rules and whats already in the game ?

    For example the og noob face doesn't have a nose but if I were to upload a custom without a nose according to these rules my upload wouldn't be allowed. How does this make sense ?
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    Only one BIG issue I have with these rules is the fictional character rule. For a mmorpg game that's really limiting people's creativity. I dont want to walk around finding someone with the same exact head like me. My head has been disproved numerous times because it has sharp teeth for a grab animation. Not only that but the admins want to claim the facial piercings being "inappropriate" like really!? How mature is that? Hows it fair to have walking animals around but not a elf or a vampire or a demon like creature being in a game. People having eyes going up in flames and people have black heads with menacing smiles on them. I seen a girl with horns and aswell seeing another player with elf ears. But they appear to be accepted. For crying out loud yall gonna accept zombie heads as long if there is no show in the brain and overflows of blood but not a head that's closes to being a human like head but with a fang animation. Please that fictional character rule is ridiculous. And this game is lacking colorful imagination and creativity. #bringcreativityback.

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