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Thread: Costum head Issues

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    Costum head Issues

    Hello, so today all of a sudden my I didn’t have my custom head on but instead the default head, and every time I try putting the custom head back on it doesn’t work, it’s on in the player customization screen and it’s in my inventory, but it isn’t on when I leave player customization. Anyone know what’s wrong or have any solutions? Thanks

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    i could be wrong but it sounds like an admin refunded your head, but your game didn’t recognize it. you could try reinstalling your game. an admin can also run a command to fix your customs, though i forget what the command is

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    Yeah but I have no idea why, legit, no explanation no nothing. I’ve had that head for 6-7 years. It makes no sense

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    I believe that when a custom is refunded you get 100% of your gralats back unless it had something inappropriate in it. Try contacting SPR in game they’ll look into it.
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    Sounds weird that it would break all of a sudden, PM any PR/SPR ingame and they should be able to refund it for you
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