I don’t want to write too much so I’ll try to summarize the idea as much as possible.

A lot of ppl recently have been mentioning how Era has ‘died’ and what not and i believe the main reason for that is the lack of objectives in the game.

Now i know there are A LOT of things to do in the game including flower-picking, Digging, Fishing, Basing, Sparring, Pk and so much more. However, i myself can say that after 7 years of playing this game that when i log on every morning, i dont really have anything to do, realistically if it weren’t for the childhood nostalgia of Era i wouldn’t still be playing.

I believe that there should be more ‘reasons’ for people to log on every morning; one way of achieving that could be to implement quests into Era. Not just one or two but much more. Similar to those of Graal Classic, i believe that if the quests are long and interesting enough it would keep players busy enough and determined to keep on playing.

When i first started playing Classic i didn’t like the game, however, after a few days i started completing the quests and i really enjoyed it. That was the only reason i even played Classic at the time.

So new quests/missions that don’t necessarily have to be holiday-themed, they can be random quests that anyone can do. A newbie can easily find himself learning about the game more and maximise the enjoyment they gets from playing the game by taking on the quests.

The introduction of a lot of new things such as Laser Tag and Plasma Corp were really great ideas that should be keeping players busy and giving them more options on things to do in the game, however, i feel like those new additions to the game have not increased the player base; they just decreased the number of players that sit idle in random parts of the map. Which is good of course, the already existing player base is more active and not sitting idle as much as before.

All this is good but i believe something to drive people to play for longer is needed and quests/missions are a great idea.

The target behind this idea is not to ‘revive’ Era, because if u ask me, i don’t believe Era ever died. If anything, it’s still running and just bcs old features or old admins that u used to enjoy playing are gone now, it doesn’t mean the game ‘died’ or has become significantly worse. The game just needs more objectives and a player should have more reasons to decide to log on every morning.

Time-limited quests with rewards that would want you to play as much as possible are a great idea as well.

I know that quests are not that easy to implement bcs it’s not really easy to create one using one’s imagination and writing the script for it it may be a pain in the ***. But this is merely a suggestion for future improvements to the game.

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