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Thread: Magma Hat

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    Magma Hat

    Is it true you get a magma hat if collected all magma items from event shop or was it just a rumor ?

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    When you get enough kills to get into the room w the magma blade

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    What do you mean ?

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    Annnnd how many kills do you need to get into the room?
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    The 40 ec magma dagger + 150 kills with the dagger is the KEY requirement to enter the magma shop. There is an NPC inside this bonus shop named magma elder or something and it’s been misleading players thinking it’s a hat after purchasing all items. The public assumed it was a hat like how ion weapons gives you the ion mask after collecting all. Ask the ec pros for more info doe. The dope magma katana is on my bucket list but I’m struggling saving for just the dagger entry :c
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    There's no magma hat that is obtained after purchasing all magma ec shop items.

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    Will there ever be a magma hat ? It would make sense if there is since it’s a whole set just like ion more people would want to get the items and it’s a need thing to add for people to grind the game more

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