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Thread: Banned for no reason

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    Banned for no reason

    Got banned for saying I was going to DDOS Jeff for rigging crypt for nob3s. Funny thing is, I don't even know how to DDOS, and I got banned over some screenshots that were found in PayBack discord server due to the fact that someone invited the whole Nob3s roster in the PayBack server. Either way I was falsely banned and it doesn't even state a reason that I was banned. I didn't message Jeff, harass him or anything of that nature. Now if I actually did DDOS Jeff then yes I should've got banned, but I didn't. So this is just corruption at its finest. I was also banned on my alt account because I was going to check on my main to see if there was a reason stated why I was banned, but that also resulted in my Alt account getting banned. I guess I was evading a ban that I didn't even do anything to receive the ban. But if you could unban both of my accounts Graa11108239 and Graa15287973 that would be great, considering that I didn't even do anything besides joke inside of a Discord server.
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    Corrupted staff banning for illegitimate reasoning.

    I as well along with iZap got banned for no reason, we were joking around saying we would DDOS Jeff. We didn’t DDOS him at all and nothing happened from that joke in the server. Until his crypt team all joined the server and took screenshots of it hence blowing it out of proportion. We did nothing wrong and should be unbanned because this is abuse of power and admins have no authority either way over messages sent on discord. And the fact that no other admins will hop in because they are afraid of being perm banned and fired as an admin is ridiculous, if the game keeps being ran like this it’s no wonder this game is dying. If you want to actually unban me as well my Graal ID is Graal3685852 thanks.

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    This is true I 100% agree with them. Since when does graal era rules apply to 3rd party apps like instagram,Discord, etc. But never mind that the screenshots from a disc server shouldn’t be enough to ban someone and I’m sure it isn’t. Screenshots and messages can be falsified and edited easily so what Jeff did was completely wrong. Yes if true what they said was out of hand but if they didn’t actually commit the crime they shouldn’t do the time.

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    Stating corruption here doesn't justify anything.

    You'll always get the same response of whatever blasphemy they will throw at you regarding your actual ban reason.
    That's how corruption works.

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    The Era-Go forums is not a place to discuss jails/bans.
    For Jail issues submit a ticket on

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