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Thread: Event Bots

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    Event Bots

    These old event bots have became extremely repetitive over the past few years. WE NEED NEW EVENTS!!! New hide and seek hats! More frequent event bots! A board for when next event bot like the laser tag system!

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    someone shot my plant i would like to know who it was

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    No new events? Major yikes.
    Computer Science major? I don't know. What's GS2?
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    Repetitive and buggy. Events in general need small updates, not just the bots. Simple new levels for races would be enough, the same EC hoarders take majority of daily ec from both bots and hosted from events house which is why people like me can’t even afford a new 40 ec item. Hoarders have entire races memorized. Main bugs are with event bots is a lot of times someone will win any event and the bot says (no-one) won the event. It’s been like this since bot events where released. A board for laser tag is dumb, there’s already an NPC announcement you noob. H&S hats have already been updated too, they don’t give out the OG hats anymore and that depresses me. New hats are MEH compared to the old ones, I’d like to see them bring back old ones if anything.

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