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Thread: How do I contact Devs directly

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    How do I contact Devs directly

    Is there a way I can contact Devs or whoever is in charge of bans directly since I’m not allowed to talk about bans on forums? Support.toonslab doesn’t seem to work out and I don’t even get a reply. I’d like to know if there’s a better way to contact higher-ups directly regarding an issue.

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    How do I contact Devs directly

    considering you got banned for attempting to ddos admin i think it’s unlikely you’ll be unbanned

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    Either you send in a ticket, try to reach them in-game, or you do both and wait patiently for months.
    Good luck.
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    See now the problem is that I didn’t even attempt to DDOS. You can ask Jeff for proof of me even trying to do such a thing.

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    I log into my era-go account that i haven't touched in over a year just to give you an L
    not Gang Admin anymore

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    Yes there’s that screenshot from when you guys raided PayBacks PRIVATE discord server. But just so you know, I do not know how to Ddos, and I don’t understand how you justify a ban over a screenshot considering I never sent Jeff or any other admin anything harmful and they do not have any evidence regarding my ban. I believe it was unfair and you cannot prove me otherwise. The difference between what I said and what I did are two completely different things. Let’s say I actually know how to hack. For starters, if I did then I wouldn’t be complaining this much about a ban because I would’ve obviously done something about it myself. BUT, I refrain from learning how to do such things. I just want you guys to justify how I get banned over a screenshot and all of you Devs/players think that’s fair considering the fact that I don’t know how to do any such thing. Yes it was said out of the heat of the moment because PayBack didn’t get first place, but that is the only reason I said such thing, I never went through with any of that and you can even ask a jeff for proof, not that anything would change but I just want the reason behind my ban justified other than getting banned over a screenshot from a 3rd party app without me even doing anything besides saying a few words.

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    Now before an admin closes this thread, I just wanna ask for another chance considering how much money, time and effort I’ve put into that account. Also consider that I didn’t actually harm anyone directly and it wasn’t meant to be taken this much out of context. I’ve also sent Jeff several apologies, but also remember the fact that I didn’t send him any link, nor did I direct any of my hate towards him. I just gave him an apology for the wasted time they put into investigating regarding my ban. And all you Nob3s members can hate me, but I don’t have any particular hate towards you guys. Anyways, hopefully Hoyt, Jeff or whoever reads this might reconsider, and I’d greatly appreciate it if someone does take action.

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    i understand where you’re coming from. but it does make you look guilty. however i can’t say whether you are or aren’t guilty. i will say in your defense, a screenshot from discord of you saying you want to ddos him isn’t really proof in my opinion. i could easily say i’m gonna take down the servers right now, but that doesn’t mean i’m actually going to take action. i don’t even play graal anymore so i know almost nothing of this situation, i was just sent that screenshot and told you and one other guy attempted to ddos jeff. so i can’t speak too much on this situation since i don’t know the facts. here’s my advice, take this opportunity to leave graal. the staff on graal is kind of bad. you have a few good ones, but most are iffy. like on olwest i had my gfx stolen and published to the game and when i showed the manager real proof, he just ignored me. it’s things like that makes this game horrible. a game with staff that doesn’t listen to players isn’t a well structured game. if you’re innocent, i wish you the best of luck with getting unbanned. if you’re guilty, you have my thanks because jeff is a sorry admin. i don’t have respect for him whatsoever

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    See now most of what you said is true, BUT when you said “you and one other person attempted to ddos Jeff”, that’s actually wrong because I never even attempted to do anything, and that’s my whole problem with this whole banning situation. Because I never actually Attempted to do anything to harm ANYONE. But thanks for the support, it’s glad to know I have a few people who think this is wrong.

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