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Thread: How do I contact Devs directly

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    Good morning iZap heres a screenshot of you admitting to sending Jeff false links, have a great day.

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    I never actually sent him the link and you can ask him yourself Clorox.

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    it is wrong. i was an admin for over 2 years and i can genuinely say that the system is really rubbish. the only way to have this stuff dealt with is with the highest of admins, and they often don’t care to get involved because that means they have to do something that doesn’t directly benefit them. i’ve seen first hand dozens of false jails and bans that were unwarranted. to most high staff everything is black and white, and that’s a very huge issue if they’re the ones running the game. it doesn’t matter whether you’re innocent or guilty, your case deserves to be throughly and properly looked at, and if the ban is going to stay, there needs to be solid evidence that you are allowed to see.

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    Exactly! The only evidence they have is a screenshot and I just want my case to be justified because I think this is unfair considering literally all they have is a screenshot and Jeff said “we don’t take these things as a joke” which implies that he knows I wasn’t going to do anything and I didn’t even send him anything to begin with. I even told him multiple apologies regarding the matter, even though I never did anything nor sent anything to him.

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    The Era-Go forum is still not a place to discuss jails/bans.
    Refrain from starting more threads on this topic.

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