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Thread: Garbage Plasma System.

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    Garbage Plasma System.

    Can we get a way for people to solo in plasma and get coins easier? Plasma was active for the first few months after it’s release, now you have to wave for double coins which is every four hours and HOPE to get a rec to the gang that’s hosting or not get kicked when their friend logs online. I’ve been doing plasma since crypt ended and only made 193 coins Lol. It’s because I never get recruited during double coins and there’s no one doing plasma when double coins aren’t active so the only way to TRY to get coins is by soloing which is impossible because you get the first coins at wave 15, and you have to be the boss at every 10 waves that has 2k hp lmao.

    Just make a solo mode where the boss has less hp, and you can get coins every 5 rounds? Thanks

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    Nvm close the his thread admins are no help.

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    Plasma was designed to go with a gang but guys like it can't find any and I can't collect coins for that reason. I doubt that you agree on a way in which you can only enter individually plasma was a brilliant idea and I still find it attractive but this detail makes it just an empty place

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    I can see why nobody recruits you with that attitude.
    As mentioned before, Survival is a team gamemode. You're not meant to be able to get coins easily solo.

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