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Thread: New Graal ERA WEBGL What's the difference? You ask?

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    New Graal ERA WEBGL What's the difference? You ask?

    New Graal ERA WEBGL What's the difference? You ask?

    So if you haven't heard yet Graal Era Online was down for most people or should i say just for the player that
    enjoy playing on computer. It was down for atleast a month or more i believe since flash player decided to discontinue it's services and that
    my friend was an end of GraalOnline Era for most part. Till a Month later GraalOnline Era Announced WEBGL on the 11/09/2019
    making it possible once again for Graalians to play and enjoy their favorite pixel game on a computer/laptop once again.

    So what the difference between The Old GraalOnline Era VS the New and improved GRAALOnline Era WEBGL ? Well let me show you.
    not gonna fully dive in deep, but iv been test driving it for a bit and i can't complain as much but to say the wait was worth it.
    very smooth gameplay and interface feels and is much smoother then running on flash player. Some graphic issue were also fixed when
    switched to WEBGL which i will show down below. My only complain i do miss them friend character slots we use to have on the old one.

    bandicam 2019-11-11 06-27-21-835-min.jpgbandicam 2019-11-11 06-28-01-870-min.jpg
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    Is that fortnite?
    Computer Science major? I don't know. What's GS2?
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