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Thread: iEra Arte Submissions!

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    iEra Arte Submissions!

    Hello everyone!

    A few words first: (May delete with time).

    I wanted to make a new Arte thread because the former one was a bit old and I wanted to add a few things, as well as explain others a little better. First things first, I wanted a fresh start from this project, specially because a lot of people who submitted around two years ago have gone inactive, and some are still waiting for shops. Having new submissions on a new email will help me out organize everything my way and this way it will be easier and faster for me to go through submissions and get back to you as soon as possible (I know some peoplehave submitted more than once, so I truly apologize, the email provided here will be a different one). Second, I wanted to fix some rules as well as add a couple of new ones and properly explain old ones. Third, I want to also look at the reward given for the shops that are released.

    I am hoping that this time I can fully emerge myself into this project so it doesn't go MIA anymore, but please bear with me as I will also be learning from this experience.


    So, what is Arte?

    Arte is a project by iEra that was created to help people showcase their skills in the graphic department. When a submission is approved, the artists can have a shop dedicated to their graphics as well as the graphics being released for players to purchase!

    Submit your hats, heads, bodies and all kind of furniture, and let us handle the rest of the work!

    Submission rules:

    * All graphics must be original. NO EDITS, COPYRIGHT OR STOLEN GRAPHICS ARE ALLOWED. Turning in stolen/edited graphics will 100% ban you from Arte. If it is discovered that you did indeed submit stolen work after submission approval/release of the shop, it will be canceled/closed.
    * Bodies/Heads must follow the upload rules.
    * A minimum of 7 graphic pieces are required in order to have a chance of getting a shop.
    * Maximum 60 items total can be submitted per shop (Number of hats + number of furniture).
    *A shop can be made by one single artist o r by a group of maximum 4 graphic artists.
    * Only the artists that made the graphics for the shop are allowed to have a statue inside of the shop.

    * Submissions should be in the form of a zip folder.
    - Inside the zip folder, have additional folders, titled Hats, Bodies, and Furniture. Put your graphics in the respective folders.
    - Make sure you make a sign for your store, include this in the zip folder.
    - All graphics should be named appropriately. With the era_name-arte-filename. For instance, if I made a table named woodentable.png, I would rename it to era_rima-arte-woodentable.png, and then put it in the furniture folder.
    - Any submission not following these rules will be ignored.

    If the submission is turned in successfully and in the proper format, you will receive an email back informing you if the submission was approved or disproved. If it was disproved a reason will be given. You cannot resubmit if the reason is labeled as "edits/stolen work." If you do not receive an email back from us, it was most likely because the submission was turned in in the incorrect format.

    Submissions will be checked regularly.

    You can submit your work at: [email protected] with the title "Arte Shop Submission."

    Rewards are still being decided, will be specified soon.

    Goodluck to everyone!

    (Any questions, please send them in this thread, they will be ignored if sent to the email.)



    If I already submitted my items, can I still send over more items in a new email?
    Yes you can, if your shop wasn't released yet.
    Once your shop gets released you can't add more to it.

    If I already made a shop and it got released, am I allowed to make another one?
    If your shop was made by just you (not in a group), you can't make any more solo shops.
    But you can still collaborate with other people on a new arte shop.
    (The same group also can't have more than 1 shop)

    If my shop got released, can I add more items to it?
    Unfortunately not, once your shop gets released you can't add anything to it.

    Can we decide the item pricing?
    No, there is a fixed price for each category of items sold in arte.

    Can we submit melees and guns?
    No, they will cause problems with the players and the staff regarding the stats, effects and the price. so that's why we tend to avoid it.

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    ¡Good luck guys!
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    Nani, is there a limit on the amount of people in a single group?
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    I´m not Nani but...

    Quote Originally Posted by AliGamer911 View Post
    Nani, is there a limit on the amount of people in a single group?
    *A shop can be made by one single artist o r by a group of maximum 4 graphic artists.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aereos V. View Post
    I´m not Nani but...
    Thanks, mate!
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