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Thread: Nightfall petals

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    Nightfall petals

    Sun shines with light,
    But how bright?
    Is it enough for two people?
    Or it depends on how reliable,
    She who I call mine,
    Is now gone,
    And I thought that we were fine,
    But in the end we're done,
    When darkness fell,
    Hear the ringing bell,
    And see the leaves flow with the air,
    And see how we both care,
    Do you still think of me?
    'Coz I don't feel so happy,
    Now that I'm living without you,
    And loving another girl won't do,
    This distance that kept us apart,
    Is the reason why we had this scarred heart,
    We had this broken trust,
    And left all our memories in the past,
    You've forgotten our promises,
    And left me with bruises,
    Now I'm suffering,
    And this pain is nothing,
    Compared to denying me no love,
    And giving it all to a young lad,
    Which makes you a coward,
    'Coz you can't fight for everything we had,
    See this petals in the night,
    Still full of life,
    Reminds me of once sweet romance,
    That failed to get another chance,
    Because one didn't take stance,
    But despite all that,
    I kept walking on that path,
    And still hoping she'll come back,
    Because this whisper,
    Gives me faith in her,
    This silence in the wind,
    Gives me strength to pass this end,
    And this petals that never bid goodbye,
    Will be my guide,
    And continue what I needed to find,
    As the nightfalls,
    I let it all out,things that's on my mind,
    I kept on writing my own story,
    As of until now Im never lost and unhappy,
    Because I knew from the start it has been you and I.
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    “No hagas hoy lo que puedas dejar de hacer también mañana.”
    -Fernando Pessoa

    "Don't do today what you can stop doing tomorrow too."
    -Fernando Pessoa

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    Thanks...yes I'd do that

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